Our Themed Shows

Our shows are designed to help support your teachers by reinforcing the important concepts covered in your curriculum.  

And what’s more, our shows are fun for both students and teachers!  Give your staff a treat and let’s laugh and learn together!

Read Across America
A Dr. Seuss Celebration

Buster shows how books can amaze you, make you laugh, and possibly even change your life.  The wonderful world of Dr. Seuss is a big feature in this adorable show!

You Can Do It! 

With the real story of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, preschoolers learn to encourage others, work together, and try again & again until They Can Do It!  We even make up a new song…

Wiggle, Giggle & Twist! 

Buster Balloon has created an extra special fun-filled show with lots of silliness, audience participation, and colorful balloons designed to get your preschoolers laughing, dancing, and playing along!

Annie was absolutely amazing. The children were engaged, entertained and really into the show. They are still running around saying, “Sammy, you can do it.”

Perhaps the greatest compliment came from Mrs. Taylor herself, the founder of Taylor Tot Playhouse; she thought the show was “wonderful” and at 94 years old she is not easily impressed. Great job Annie. I hope we can have you back for another visit at Taylor Tot Playhouse. Jenny Fairbanks

Taylor Tot Playhouse

Happy Teeth

Your students will learn the importance of brushing twice a day, eating the right foods, and look forward to going to the dentist. We invite a special guest Spudley Barkman, the world’s first Dentist Dog.

King Orange

King Orange loves the color orange so much he won’t let any other color into his kingdom!  Your students discover the power of working together and getting along with others while celebrating the colors of the rainbow!  Based on Annie’s children’s book of the same name to be published in 2018.

Little Buddies
Friendship & Magic

Students learn how to include other children, even if they seem different at first. We’re all the same where it counts — we’re all kids who want to have fun together!

Come and join our game because friends care and friend share!

I wanted to thank you for that wonderful performance. I have been working with kids for about 6 years now and i have never seen kids as excited and happy as I did today Matt

Fairgrove Academy

Love Our Planet

It’s easy to help out our friends but how can we help our planet?  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, that’s what! Through magic, puppets, and storytelling, we show our planet some love!

Annie’s Graduation Party

Preschool graduation is a big deal around here! Annie and Spudley the Dog help the kids celebrate with a show, and optional balloon dogs for everyone!

Annie can also bring her balloon art so every child receives a custom sculpture. Prices vary on this one but it’s super fun.

Buster Balloon Show! 

Perfect for graduation parties where parents and siblings are invited.  Buster’s show is a delightful all-ages family show, and the parents love it as much as the kids do!

Buster even had the adults in fits of laughter!  It made such a memorable mark on all of our customers. Sara Fung

Lane Crawford Department Stores, Hong Kong

How to Be a Super Safe Kid

Developed by a former New York City policeman, this fun and interactive show has the clearest safety messages we’ve ever seen.  It’s super popular in New York and we’re so happy to bring it here to SoCal!

Not-So-Scary Silly Halloween

Join Annie Banannie and Spudley Barkman for some silly comedy, almost spooky stories, and a cauldron full of fun!

Spudley’s First Christmas

Spudley Barkman (the Third) is from Britain and he’s having his first American Christmas ever!  In teaching him how Annie’s family celebrates Christmas, we learn about all sorts of ways to celebrate all around the world!

Annie, you were truly AMAZING!! Your performance inspired the children and parents (and the librarian) that attended to be creative writers and thinkers. Your performance was wonderful and even more incredible considering you had been the victim of an auto accident just before you arrived.  You had everyone laughing, participating, and looking forward to reading during the summer. Thank you!! Michael Macavoy

West Hollywood Library