Our Performers

Annie Banannie, Balloon Storyteller

Annie Banannie
Balloon Storyteller

Annie Banannie (that’s me!) has a 25-year background in storytelling and theater, over 15 years of that working with children.

Her mission in life is to get kids excited about learning something new every day, and that’s why she wrote the “You Can Do It” preschool motivational show. ¬†You can find out more about her and her balloon art at www.BalloonStoryteller.com.

She is also seriously amused by referring to herself here in the third person.

Buster Balloon with balloon doggie

Buster Balloon
Children’s Entertainer

Creative Genius, Balloon Twisting Savant, & Pre-Sweetened Breakfast Cereal Connoisseur

Enjoyed by kids, parents, and even angst ridden teen siblings around the world, Buster Balloon is a human cartoon character with a contagious smile and an adolescent (in a good way of course) sense of humor that will have your kids rolling in the aisles with laughter!

See more of Buster and his amazing balloon creations at www.BusterBalloon.com.

Malinda Campbell Balloon ArtistMalinda Campbell
Children’s Entertainer

Malinda has been twisting balloons and entertaining children since she was 12 years old – really!

As a home-schooled student, she was always encouraged to try new things and stretch her creativity, so the “You Can Do It” show is the perfect show for her.

You can see some of her adorable balloon art at www.TwistaLot.com.